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04 March 2012

logging miles.

one of the things i have wanted to do
but haven't found the words for
is to look back
on the differences
between my pregnancy with bug
and this pregnancy with sprout.

there are no words
except thank you.
i am 
as always
grateful for the doctors
the nurses
my family
my guy
my girl
and now
for the new life blooming inside.

'the leg' 
has not given me much trouble
this go around;
i was a bit concerned
that the added weight
would cause trouble
but it has only been in the last couple of weeks
that i have experienced 
some pain
minor edema.

but i am 
most definitely
not going to let that interfere.
not this time.

the leg...about full-term with bug, four-ish weeks post-op.
about 38 weeks pregnant with bug...just me and my wheelchair.

my feet...three or four weeks post-op.
* * *

39 1/2 weeks with sprout.

on mile two for the evening.  

and even though
i may be tired
a little swollen
and so ready to meet my girl
there is nothing
like hitting mile marker two
at 39 1/2 weeks pregnant
and not needing a walker
or a wheelchair
to get to the bathroom.

'i am not what happened to me.  i am what i choose to become.' ~jung.

go well.
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