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21 January 2017

i made this hat for you.

My Darling Girls.

I may not have marched today.
But I stitched.
And with every stitch, I held you in my heart.

Because you are amazing.

My Bug...

You tip-toe through this  life with the grace of ballerina, tracing the outline of the stars with your finger tips all while keeping your heels firmly planted in the dirt.  You absorb the pain of others, make it your own and feel it more deeply than a knife to the heart.  You drink in the light of the world around you, and then let it shoot from your fingers and toes until you have become a part of the tapestry.  You dream bigger and beyond the sky.  You relish in your aspirations and victories.

My Mimi...

You love fiercely.  You wrap your small arms around this big world and squeeze with a tenacity of a gladiator.  You watch life happen and see more color and laughter in what dances by you than any rose-colored glasses could ever allow me to see.  You hold tight to the people you love, but show such growth in your own solitude.  You laugh with your whole body.  You love with your whole heart. see the world through a telescope. see the world through a kaleidoscope hold tight to your youth. reach for years you cannot yet touch. explore this world with all of your senses. experience this world with your whole being.

And it is for these reasons and for so many more beyond the click of these keys and the words in these wires that I stitched.

I stitched that you may always wander.
I stitched that you may always dream.
I stitched that you may always wonder.
I stitched that you may always grow.
I stitched that you may live in a world without boundaries or limitations or discouragement.
I stitched that you may never endure discrimination, disappointment or degradation.

I made this hat for you girls
In the hopes that you need never wear it or any like it. 
Be gracious. Be fierce. Be strong. Be resilient. 
Grow, learn, love. 
Go well, my girls. 

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