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08 January 2008

23 weeks and frazzled.

some of you have been requesting a "baby update".
while i still plan to address all previous and current random threads of thought, i thought this would be a far more mindless activity while my students work diligently on their standardized tests this morning.
  • i am currently 23 weeks 3 days into the adventure.
  • i am still due may 4th...all is going according to plan so far.
  • i feel fine.
  • i have felt her wiggling around since i was about 17-18 weeks along. she is now actually kicking me - generally on my right side or lower abdomen. she is most active in the afternoons, early evenings and bedtime. she also enjoys making snow angels after yoga and long walks.
  • she knows daddy's voice and big, safe hands. i'm convinced she's already "daddy's little girl" and i will henceforth be the villain in that relationship!
  • i read an article a few days ago informing me that my child could be born now and survive with intensive care. since then, the pregnancy books and magazines have been hidden from view.
  • most days, i don't "feel" pregnant - the queasiness has subsided and i'm able to function like a normal human being (minus the caffeine and wine...)
  • no, my belly-button has not "popped" yet and yes, i can still see my feet. in fact, i can still touch my toes.
  • nope, still no odd cravings.
  • yes, she has a name. no, we're not telling. you may refer to her as "Baby Girl" or "Wee One" until she arrives.
  • yes, i was serious when i said, "NO PINK".
  • we are officially registered at target. it was one of the most fun and most stressful experiences we have had to date. bill attempted to register for mt. dew, movies and hot wheels memorabilia. i had an anxiety attack when faced with the bottle aisle. after two hours, we were finally successful and content with our choices. starbucks was bought and naps were taken upon our return home.
  • if one more person tells me to "enjoy my sleep now" or "just wait", i will plead temporary insanity due to hormones...i cannot be held accountable for my actions at this time.
  • no, giving birth is not "the best diet in the world" and co-workers calling you "fatso" is not endearing.
  • she currently owns more orange and blue than black and gold, which pisses daddy off to no end. oski-wow-wow...
  • more than anything, we are ready to meet our little girl. she can sleep in a dresser drawer if necessary.
i know there are probably more questions/comments/suggestions/unsolicitated advice which i have not addressed...please feel free to comment or e-mail me if i haven't fully disclosed everything! if you catch me on a good day, i promise i'll be nice.

pictures may come soon...

"Life is something that everyone should try at least once." - Elbert Hubbard.

go well.

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