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02 February 2008

double digit days.

i realize i have not done a very good job of posting actual "blogs" and have been posting far more pictures. my apologies.

it hit me the other day that in our countdown to the arrival of baby girl, we have hit the double digit mark - we have 93 days left in this journey (if she arrives on time - HA!), but still, the reality of two numbers instead of three is quite startling.

in brief (because i have laundry to tend to and a walk to take), things continue to progress normally and i continue to search for peace. i am on a path to discovering the here and now. some days i feel i've made progress. other days i think i have been walking backwards the whole time.

we are at the 27 week mark as of tomorrow. she is constantly moving and continues to ride low in my swollen abdomen. my back is beginning to pay the price of the weight she is putting on and comfort is hard to come by. i am at my best when i'm in constant motion - sitting, laying, sleeping are all difficult and require more work than the three mile walks i put in every afternoon.


she is healthy and thus far, so am i. i am abundantly thankful for that and use it as my motivation to get through days.

so with that, i am off and leave you with 27 week pictures of the ever-growing belly and my new "mommy" coif.

"There was that law of life, so cruel and so just, that one must grow or else pay more for remaining the same." - Norman Mailer.

go well.

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