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08 May 2008

golden moments.

a brief update.
i am finding it more and more difficult to write.
we've been very busy falling in love.

charlie is, as of two and a half hours ago, six days old.
i'm already beginning to understand what they mean when they say that the time goes too quickly.

for the last three days, we have been battling jaundice.
charlie is perfect - she's just got a titch of gold to her.
however, she's eating and gaining weight like a champion, so her doctor is not overly concerned.
it has forced us to be more isolated in the last few days.
she is sleeping on a billi-bed when not being fed or changed.
needless to say, it has been a rough couple of days for both daddy and i.
daddy doesn't like it when they poke her feet.
mommy doesn't like it when she has to be confined to her mini-tanning bed and not be scooped up and cuddled.
we go back for our third doctor's appointment this afternoon and are prayerful that her numbers are low enough we can take her off the bed and begin the process of getting back to 'normal' (or at least establishing what 'normal' is.)

thanks to all of you for your prayers, gifts, support and love.
we have spent the last week enjoying our sweet girl, our 'charlie-bunkins', as bill has come to call her.
as the weather improves, the jaundice improves and we adjust to our new schedules, we'll be more ready to take on visitors.
more to come...

charlie's personal 'tanning' bed.

daddy's first feeding.

getting ready for our second doctor's appointment.

waiting it out.

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