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28 October 2008

leaf to leaf.

while on the road last week, i came to a realization.

seven months ago the leaves hadn't even begin to bud.
in fact, it wasn't until about two weeks after the accident that the trees began to don their green jewels.
i remember because i realized while driving to the hospital for my second appointment how much the world around me was changing.
it's one thing to hear people talk about how the world will keep turning, the sun will keep shining, with or without you or the people you love.
it's a sad realization when you witness that first hand.

and now, here i sit.
seven months and five days later.
the trees are turning and and letting go of the branches from which they sprang.

leaf to leaf.
this journey has taken a season.
the physical therapy is done.
no more trips to the university until spring.
when the trees are budding again.

i suppose i dwell on this
for lots of different reasons.
lately, bill and i have been reflecting a lot on the year.
we have said that we can't wait for the year to come to an end and start fresh.
but then we take pause and look at everything this year has given us.
a beautiful, healthy child.
a new home for us all.
a leg.

it struck me over the weekend (as it does from time to time)
that i am lucky to be alive.
12 inches more and i wouldn't be typing this.
charlie wouldn't be rolling around on the floor.
the leaves would change
but none of us would notice.

a side note.
bill has given me a deadline.
january 15th.
he tells me i'm 'pissing away' my writing.
so he has challenged me to write a book.
for the masses.
more to come on this.

"When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's when you're healed." - Jane Fonda

go well.


Shelley said...

So touching. So true. You are such a talented writer and I can't wait to read your creation.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget us when you are famous :)!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to read what you come up with! Good luck.

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