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18 February 2009


the accident and the events surrounding it are beginning to fade.
in many ways, this is a very good thing.
it doesn't consume me as it did in the past.
i'm able to get through my day without it sitting in the back of my head.
i'm able to walk.
i'm able to run.
i'm able to carry my child and roll on the floor with her.
i'm able to love my husband.
i'm able.
i don't want to forget though.
because those events
this scar...
it is all a part of me now.
a very very large part.
i am who i am
i am where i am
i am how i am
because it snowed on easter sunday 2008.
if you've followed along with me
you know what happened.
most of it.
now begins all of it.
chapter by chapter.
some of it rerun.
some of it new.
read on if you wish or stop now.
either way, this is for me.
not the reader.

chapter 1.

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