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25 February 2009


i have these little post-it tabs that i am addicted to.
i tab pages in books
i tab pages in notebooks
i tab pages in journals.
it's hard to 'tab' pages on the blog
so here is a tab.
a random tab in the midst of my stormy story.

i stumbled upon a new blog (jess is a bad influence on my work ethic)
but i loved this.

i need to ____________ so i can _______________.
you fill in the blank.
wish i could take credit for this.
but i am going to use it.

chapter 3 is in the works and on the way.
i promise.

1 comment:

jess said...

just an FYI... waiting for your next chapter is like waiting for a Twilight sequel :) And again, sorry about the work thing...

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