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14 April 2009

lumpy chapters and painted ceilings.

a conversation overheard while two souls painted a basement ceiling...

him: so where's chapter 11?
her: i don't know.
him: 'cause you haven't put up a chapter since march 30.
her: [staring]
him: yeah, i check these things.
her: but we've come to a slow part of the story and i don't know how to write it. once sweet girl arrived, life got very exciting again.
him: every story has a slow part. you just gotta get through it to get to the good stuff.
her: but it's all commodes and percocet and recliners and coloring books and lots of do you write that?
him: you just do. 'cause it's all part of the story. just lump it all into one chapter if you need to.

lumpy chapter to come...

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Meg Hill said...

lumpy and bumpy is great in my book - I mean it will be great in YOUR book :) and really it is the slow boring parts that make you really love and appreciate everything else... right??? Otherwise I don't think I could get up and go everyday - I just know that it is because I will have the other things later... Rambling - tired...

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