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21 May 2009

connected and other musings.

once again
he has provided a great brain poke.

the last part in particular
spoke to me.
the part about the traffic lights saving your life.

i have often considered the events of my life
and how all things have come to be
which is why i stand firm in that
i have no real regrets.

oh sure, i regret not taking cello lessons in middle school
i regret the burgundy clearance dress that is forever immortalized in my junior homecoming picture
i regret that failed my first semester special ed course as an undergrad...

no wait.
i don't.
because if i hadn't failed that class
i wouldn't have stayed in illinois for an extra semester
i may not have moved home
and made the decision to wait to have children
a decision that proved to be good
'cause look what i got:

may not have gone through that wall
may not have used that experience to fully appreciate
my mobility
my job
my home
my family
my husband
my child

what connections have you made in your own life to bring you here?
go well.

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