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31 August 2009


my homage to this person is brief.
marsha was part of my life for a mere blink
but had a profound impact on me.

i practiced yoga beginning in college.
my practice was limited to the upstairs 'office' and usually consisted of lit candles
followed by a few cigarettes.
once i found yoga
i was hooked.

after moving home in 2004
i rediscovered yoga
through a series of gaiam DVDs
i enjoyed home practice - 
i loved the way the poses challenged me physically
and sought deeper and deeper stretches
with every down dog.

in 2006
i decided to take my practice to the next level
and join a studio
it was per chance that i stumbled on marsha's website 
via a google search for yoga studios in the area.

the first few sessions 
i parked my mat in the farthest back corner
not wanting to draw attention to myself 
or my inadequateness 
but i delved in.
each week i went
each week i pushed further
and each week i left with more than i had walked in with.
i was in the front row
anxious for the correction to poses
that you can only get in a studio setting
and waiting with baited breath
for the words of inspiration marsha would share with us
that would get me through my week.

when lethargy and nausea settled in for keeps during my first trimester
i made the decision to reclaim my home practice 
and forego my studio practice
'just until the baby comes'...

life has evolved for me.
a baby.
a broken leg
(making tree poses and child's pose trickier)
but i longed for down dogs and pigeon poses.

18 months after the accident
i am reclaiming my studio practice.
because of life's little evolutions
i have sought out a studio closer to my home 
with a student of marsha's
and am thoroughly enjoying my practice
the renewed flexibility
the found again strength.
so much so
that i have contacted marsha about becoming a teacher myself.
until the time is right
i will continue to study with nancy
in the back of the store 
with christmas lights hung from the ceiling.

no matter where i go
or with whom i study
will always be 
my guru
my master of yoga.


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