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24 July 2010

running out of time.

for me
has always been about completing projects
that are neglected from august to may
in the process
learning a little bit more about me
so that when i get back
to the hecticness of life
i have threads to hold onto
to keep me grounded
until summer returns again.

and yet
with a toddler
i'm finding it harder
to find the time
to learn those lessons
and complete those projects
but all in all
here's what i've come up with so far:

  • i don't write enough (as evidenced by the lack of blogging) but i want to.  
  • i love to kayak.
  • i crave creative opportunities; from painting a room to painting a canvas, refinishing furniture, creating things out of yarn, yearning to sew, playing with cameras and finding the color in life.  i want our home to reflect the creativity that each of us has.
  • i want to be someone who enjoys running.  i'm trying very hard to be that girl.
  • i adore repurposing objects found for a $1.
  • i am at peace when everything is in its place.  this happens rarely which means peace is sometimes hard to come by.
  • i need quiet time.  at least an hour a day for just me.
  • i don't spend enough time with my husband.  
  • i miss yoga; i took the summer off because of trips and schedules but am dying to get back to it.
  • i have to let go of the irrational desire to belong; i do belong and i forget that sometimes.  i am a more miserable version of myself when i'm trying to be someone i'm not.
  • i love open air markets.
  • i enjoy digging in the dirt and am at times a little sad that i don't have big trees and grandiose gardens.  i'll get there eventually.
  • i enjoy teaching but am not at all prepared to return to it.
  • the company of a 2-year old is the only company you need.
what lessons are you learning?
go well.

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