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08 November 2010

backed up thanks.

i didn't post this weekend.
i didn't post because i was busy
being a mom
being a wife
taking a nap
and just enjoying my home.

but here it is...

friday, i was thankful for:

final testing days
peanut butter M&Ms
mini crab cakes
soy chai
my bed.

saturday, i was thankful for:

hot glue guns
sewing machine gurus
post-nap snuggles
frozen pizza on the floor
our first official family movie night
the fact that i can still cry over kids' movies.

sunday, i was thankful for:

long naps in front of the fire
opening the windows in november
a child's imagination
apples, sausage and maple syrup
a  man that loves being a daddy

go well.

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