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31 December 2007

physical evidence.

the clutter i spoke of...

generally, it is in my head, weighs my soul down.
however, as i prepare to introduce a whole new life to this world, i have come to carefully examine my physical surroundings in addition to my state of mind and heart.
i suppose this is what some call 'nesting'.
how very Donna-Reed.
i am so very NOT Donna Reed.
so i prefer to say that i am decontaminating my area(s) - internal, external, nocturnal...etc.

so i present to you physical evidence.
my dirty secret.
the room that i intend to bring my daughter home to.
God help me.

this is your brain.
this is your brain with too many distractions...

perhaps as i work my way towards a proper nursery, i will find myself buried under the mounds of shit...

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett

go well.

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LdyOrion77 said...

Whenever you set your mind and heart to something, the result is always beautiful, creative in this case, a lovely space for your beautiful daughter. She is lucky to have such parents.

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