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22 March 2008

34 weeks and no more days off.

spring break is officially coming to an end for me.

i have nothing to show for the last week, having spent most of it in bed or on the couch.
the sciatic nerve pain has gotten progressively worse and i'm beginning to wonder if i'll ever walk like an upright human being again. i'm very apprehensive about going back to work and know that i will desperately miss my afternoon naps. everyday i'm more and more ready for wee one to get here.

current gestation: 34 weeks.
weight gain to date: 32 pounds. i desperately miss my treadmill, but walking downstairs has become enough of a workout this last week, that by the time i make it to the basement, i have to sit again. since i can't be as active as i want to be, i just have to be very cautious about what i put into my body at this point. baby girl is very territorial of her space, so eating much of anything is out of the question.
complaints: i hurt! i have never experienced back pain like this or for this long. i find myself walking and leaning to the right. i limp because the pain shoots down my right leg. when the nerve catches just right, it has caused me to trip and fall. getting the dogs in and out of my house is something i dread.
non-complaints: i'm still sleeping well and according to my doctor have not begun swelling yet (really?). wee one is head down and active indicating that all is well in the womb.
activities: limited. taking the dogs to my parents is fast becoming the biggest work-out in my day. even walking around target has become a bit of a feat. i desperately miss walking, miss being active and am anxious to have the baby and watch the weather warm up so that we can get back outside.
cravings: nothing out of the ordinary. again, i have to be so careful about how much i eat because i quickly get nauseous after only a few bites of anything. i did spend quite a bit on produce last weekend...lots of carrots, celery, pineapple and bananas. i guess i'm making up for the week of girl scout cookie binging.
baby-related news: we went this last week and got our first 'baby' pictures taken. a lot of people have said it's 'brave', but i just wanted to make sure that (this being our only child) we had made sure we'd documented it as completely as possible. they turned out brilliantly - very simple, very clean - and i'm anxious to get them back. in addition, i'm measuring right at 34 weeks and am still due may 4th.
non-baby related news: the house has shown several times and we have had at least one party that seems extremely interested. we're hoping to hear back from them after Easter weekend. we also have another realtor showcase on tuesday. i'm ready for a solid offer so that i can stop transporting the dogs back and forth day in and day out. it has gotten to be hard for sammy-girl and she's had two seizures in the last two weeks. her old muscles are just having a hard time with all the moving. we're all ready to be done with this upheaval.

i hope this finds you all well and enjoying some spring-like weather. the snow has almost completely disappeared here and the temperatures are on the rise.

go well.

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