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31 March 2008


it should be noted again that i'm going to include some pretty graphic pictures at the end of this, so be forewarned!

i am "home" - home being my mom and dad's house for an indefinite amount of time at this point. the dogs are here with me and bill sleeps in the room next to me, so not exactly back to "normal", but far more normal than a hospital.

post-surgery i was moved to the orthopedics floor to finish my recovery and was finally released yesterday. recovery in labor and delivery had spoiled us and having to share a room was a bit of a downer, so coming home to a house with real food, family and familiar things has been a relief. yesterday took quite a bit out of me - the drive from iowa city to cedar rapids, the maneuvering up and down stairs in a wheelchair and the just trying to adjust to not having certain things that the hospital did have (like a triangle to pull myself up with in bed, lower recliners and moveable beds.) needless to say, last night was a bit of a rough night with lots of pain and no morphine to take the edge off!

however, everyone continues to be above and beyond what i could have ever expected. few things make me emotional in this life, but the outpouring of support from everyone has touched me so deeply...i feel so very fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives (especially when i'm so anti-social to begin with!) this whole experience has truly deepened my appreciation for, not only my friends and family, but just those people who surround me.

the leg is (slowly) on the mend - we're looking at three months recoop time. however, the doctors seem to think everything looks good (even though i think it still looks like a dead fish...) i go back to iowa city on friday for more appointments, staple extraction, x-rays and final release. hopefully after that, all my care can be done at st. luke's. everyday i push to walk the extra step, hoping that i can help cut my recovery time by a month or so. i so very much want to be able to get up and go to my baby girl when she comes because at this point in time, she would have to be brought to me. i know it is all temporary, but i need this process to move quickly so that bill and i can get back to 'us'.

so i leave with a few more pictures...some are graphic. however, i'm very proud of these scars knowing that in the end, i really DID walk away from this. again, my deepest thanks to all of you!

go well.

immediately after the second surgery - more pain than i've ever known. lots of purcaset and morphine used that afternoon and evening.

the day after - sitting up.

the hospital's version of a "spa treatment".

seeing my new leg for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

know that we are always praying, and hoping all continues to move smoothly.
jaimie, ryan and leighton

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