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20 April 2008

briefest of brief.

sunday morning.
bill is on his first ride of the year.
mom and dad have left for church.
so i sit and wait, laden with ice packs and listening to the dogs devour their new bones.
i'm not certain who will be more spoiled when the time comes for bill and i to move out again -
the dogs or my husband.

so, a brief update on the growing belly and swollen leg!

current gestation: 38 weeks (today!)
weight gain: forget about it...the scale is a far greater feat than i care to attempt. the nurse thinks i've lost weight, but i know for certain that our baby girl is picking up the slack for me!
complaints: still, i have very few complaints. i refuse to complain after everything i've already put this poor child through! she is taking up more room and has become very territorial. dinner time is not a happy time for me anymore - i can muster some toast and milk in one sitting, but more than that seems to upset her.
non-complaints: i continue to be off of my feet (foot), making 8 months pregnant a breeze for me. i am able to sit, to nap and finally to sleep at night again. i have re-taught myself how to sleep on my left side and my body has thanked me for it.
cravings: m&ms! peanut butter or doesn't matter. it is more of a comfort having the chocolate within reach than it is to have the pain killers within reach.
activities: this has really become a moot point, hasn't it? i've worn a path in my parents' carpet from the recliner to the bathroom...that is the extent of my exercise. i try to get in ankle curls with my left foot and have developed some form of warped recliner yoga to keep things as loose as possible prior to the baby's arrival. however, bill was able to get me out on thursday for a doctor's appointment, a much needed haircut and a brief target run. despite the gawkings of passer-by, it felt good to be out of the house. i was, however, exhausted for the following two days.
baby-related news: a tremendous "thank you" to all of you have sent things up to the house. we have a closet full of wonderful gifts for baby girl, in addition to the purchases we have made ourselves (the bassinet, the pack-n-play, the many new and fun toys for us!) additionally, a big thank you for the lack of pink! we love the greens, yellows, purples and browns and appreciate all of your efforts to get creative whilst shopping for baby girl!
non-baby related news: the house is still on the market with very little activity in the last week. bill and his brothers spent all afternoon and a good chunk of the evening yesterday spring-cleaning the yard. here's hoping the added curb appeal will pull in the right buyer...keep those prayers (and referrals!) coming.

and in other news...

the leg continues to heal.
i am officially taking full showers, much to the delight of those around me.
i am finding that i can get through the night on only my bedtime dose of pain pills.
mornings are rough - it's a bit stiff from being stuck in one position all night.
i usually spend an hour or more in the morning with two ice packs, a percocet, a cup of coffee and my baby blanket.
my 'parlor trick' is watching the blood flow from my thigh to my toes when i rise to go to the bathroom or take a is the strangest color of purple you have ever seen.
the pain still exists, but each day is a little better.
i still have no feeling in my big toe or around the graft site.
i'm not sure it will ever come back.
bill seems to think i will heal more quickly than the doctors had originally anticipated.
i'm praying he's right.
i continue to have dreams about walking around and am afraid that one of these nights, in my grogginess, i will attempt to make it to the bathroom without my trusty walker.

i hope this post finds you all well, healthy and enjoying much nicer weather and greener grass. we continue to be thankful for each and every one of you, your support, your thoughts and your prayers. please keep us in mind over the course of the next few days...the time has arrived for bill to go to denver and so we are hopeful that wee one will hold out until he comes home again on wednesday! i have decided that while i may be stronger than i originally thought, i cannot have this baby without my right-hand man.

as always, we'll keep you updated via the wires.

"Make your own recovery the first priority in your life." - Robin Norwood.

go well.

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