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27 April 2008


i don't have any fun quips for this morning. i'm still working on cup #1 of coffee.
however, we finally emptied the camera and i thought i would at least load some pictures of the leg for comparison purposes.

4 days after the second surgery - the first time they unveiled it to me and the day they sent me home.

a few days after being released from the hospital (about a week post-op).

15 days post-op - the day they took my stitches and staples out.

30(ish) days post-op...daily observations make it hard to see the healing that has occurred, but looking back i'm beginning to see my leg a little more clearly.

healing is occurring.
this is evident in the pink tones and the slow reduction in scars.
it is also evident in the pain. i complain about my leg hurting quite often, but bill is quick to remind me:

"it's healing. your leg's been through hell and now it's putting itself back together. it's going to hurt, but it means it's getting better."
"remember - they didn't know if they could save it. you have a leg that hurts. that is not a bad thing."

and that's why i married him.
that and this...



poor guy hadn't even been off the plane from denver for more than two hours and i already had him to work in an effort to subdue my mommy panic. needless to say, my room has gotten smaller, but at least now i feel more prepared.

we are getting close to d-day.
i am technically due a week from today.
so far, no signs of labor. i think she's going to stay put...she may even overextend herself.
i have given much thought to many blogs, so i will continue to post throughout the week.
but for now...

"A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug." - Patricia Neal.

go well.

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Anonymous said...

Your leg looks extremely better!! I do see the pink tones in it...that's always a good sign. And Bill did a wonderful job on the bassinet and girl will be so excited when she gets here!!!! I love you!


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