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04 April 2008

friday highlights.

my family and i have mused over the little things we have come to be thankful for in the last two weeks, in addition to the big things. each day i try to find something else to smile about and thought i would share a few with you now.

i am thankful for walls on either side of the toilet - they keep me from falling over.

i am thankful for the I-beam that went through our engine. it kept our truck from rolling completely.

i am thankful for meals.

i am thankful for the onset of spring - it has made all the flowers so much more enjoyable.

i am thankful for percocet (yep, figured out how to spell that one.)

i am thankful for art teachers and journals and colored pencils.

i am thankful for chocolate.

i am thankful for internal somersaults.

i am thankful for detachable shower heads.

i am thankful for my arms.

i am thankful for ice packs.

i am thankful for words.

i am thankful for each of my caretakers and all of their sacrifices.

i am thankful for a husband that can still make me laugh through the pain.

i am thankful for sunshine.

i am thankful for my one cup of coffee each and every morning.

i am thankful for my doctors.

i am thankful for my lumpy, limpy leg.

we ventured to the hospital again today for my first (of many) follow-up appointments. the doctor tells me the leg looks exactly the way it is supposed to and so i'm taking his word for it. they left the staples and stitches in for now and i will return next week to have them removed. the big excitement for the day was that i wore real clothes for the first time since the accident (a maternity top, pants and sweatshirt!), did my makeup and hair, got myself down two steps with my walker and have discovered that i can transport myself to the bathroom and back to the recliner with minimal assistance.

the road i am on is a long one and seems even longer when facing it with a walker, but i am finally mastering one-legged hopping and will reach the end of this journey on my left foot with lots of hands holding me up.

coming attractions...

i am working on putting together a collage of my world from the rocking chair...look for it in days to come.

"Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel." - Unknown.

go well.

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