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27 May 2008

what to expect after you're expecting.

i didn't go to lamaze.
i skimmed through a few books about pregnancy.
i flipped through magazines and read articles.

but what i have found to be successful in the last three plus weeks can't be found in a book.
on a website.
in a magazine article.
or in any class they offer at the hospital.

part of that is courtesy of my broken leg.
most of it is just because of who i am.

so, in an effort to dispense dime store advice.
here's what i've figured out living in a bedroom.
with a bum leg.
a husband.
and an infant.

* breastfeeding and a bedside bassinet are crucial to your infant's survival and your husband's sanity.

* during daytime feedings, it is helpful to have good reading material on hand. this serves a couple of purposes:
1) it makes those cluster feedings much more bearable.
2) it gives you something to discuss other than the color of your child's latest bowel movement.

* for those midnight snacks your infant craves, i recommend investing in DVR or (if that is not an option) purchasing the box sets of your favorite television show. i am currently on disc four of season nine "Seinfeld".

* boppy pillows are the greatest investment you can make - it will save your elbows.

* there is absolutely nothing wrong with pacifiers.

* daddy's are great burpers. i think it has something to do with the size of their hands.

* invest in those ugly rubbermaid drawer systems and stock them with granola bars, dry cereal and m&ms. this will save many trips to the kitchen and the m&ms will save you from losing your mind.

* keep the camera within reach. you never know when something will happen.

* be sure that the furniture in the room is within reach of all other furniture pieces - this comes in handy when you can't fit the walker or crutches between the makeshift entertainment center (T.V. trays) and the foot of the bed and you have to hold on to the edge of the mattress to make it around the room on one foot.

* practice recliner yoga or (if you prefer) mattress yoga. this will make it easier to swing your leg from one side of the bed to another in an effort to reach the valuable boppy pillow laying on your spouse's side of the bed.

* keep iTunes close at hand or at least an iPod. bob dylan is great in the afternoons.

* invest in a water bottle with a lid. (i haven't done this yet which means bill makes countless trips to the kitchen to fetch me water).

* burp rags are not optional. if a burp rag is not at your disposal, other things that may work include: blankets, [clean] socks, your t-shirt or towels. additionally, you should have at least three back-up outfits within reach.

* when suctioning out your infant's nose, be sure to squeeze the bulb prior to sticking it up her nostril.

* your chest (or daddy's or nanny's or papa's...) is a preferred place of rest to the bassinet or play pen. the minute you lay her down, she will wake up!

above all, i have learned the value of time and how quickly it passes. i value every second my sweet girl burrows into my neck or rests on her daddy's chest. bill and i know we are so very lucky to have been chosen to be charlie's daddy and mommy. if my broken leg has afforded me anything, it's the amount of time i get to spend just holding my baby girl.

go well.

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