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mommy. wife. teacher. yogini. writer. coffee drinker. aunt. crocheter. reader. dog lover. scattered. methodical. rational. irrational. paranoid. annoyed. lost. found. content. searching. peaceful. i am constantly in search of my story. the one i have never happened. the one i've lived i cannot write.

30 June 2008

new venue.

i originally began this blog as a place, a space, for me to post my work, my thoughts, my spontaneous blah.
it has evolved into more of breeding ground for news and updates from our trio.
i do want and intend to continue to share updates with all of you, but am unsure if this is the forum i want to share them in.
the fantastic thing about the blogger site is that it allows me to have multiple blogs.
when you view my profile, you will note a new blog in the coming days.
at this point i am just trying to determine what to name it.
i have thoughts.
i just have to narrow them down.

so the news and updates will continue, but in a separate venue.

i will continue to use this site for me.

"If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages." - Elaine Liner

keep a weathered eye on the blog and go well.

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