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28 June 2008

sleepy sunny saturday.

day two of being alone with charlie bug.
mom and dad are in dublin.
bill is moving the dealership.
charlie is officially eight weeks old and these are the first days i've spent alone with her.
she doesn't disappoint.
she is still an incredible baby - even when there's not a menagerie of people to hold her and cuddle her.
she has been incredibly patient with mommy, to be certain.
i am still unable to carry her around the house, so i put her in the stroller to get her from room to room. she doesn't seem to mind my driving too much.

it is amazing how quickly the day goes.
it takes me about twice as long to do things.
by the time we eat breakfast, shower, get dressed and unload the dishwasher, it's already time for lunch.
afternoons are set aside for reading and sign language videos.
she loves to watch people sign to her. i've gotten lots of smiles during our signing time.

having the last two days to myself, i've also had an opportunity to reflect on several thoughts. for example:

* cute, skinny and/or athletic girls/women should not be allowed in an OB clinic. it makes the pregnant and postpartum women cringe and may affect their blood pressure reading.
* additionally, men and women alike should not flaunt their tan and/or muscular legs in an orthopedic clinic. those of us in the waiting room with crutches and wheelchairs may organize a coup and attack.
* you can make any song into a child friendly song with the right facial expressions and tone. i bet you had no idea how child friendly ziggy marley could be.
* making a fool of yourself will always illicit a grin.
* the best sounds in the world are those that come out of charlie's mouth.
* when on crutches, it is important to have the phone near you at all times (because you cannot run to answer it, thus missing important oversea phone calls!)
* additionally, strollers with cup holders are wonderful for people with broken legs who are addicted to coffee!

i hope this finds everyone enjoying the summer months. they are going much too fast for me!

go well.

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