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11 June 2008

random thoughts and odds and ends.

i have a lot of time on my hands.
most of it is spent with charlie bug.
she has been a tremendous audience.
i spill random whispers into her ear and decided to share.

we are moving in (officially) less than a month. our own space. it's bit daunting and very exciting. we have spent a lot of time looking for a refrigerator, washer and dryer and new furniture. as long as we get a rocker recliner, charlie is content to shop with us. i also added an umbrella stroller to our registry so that if i am still on crutches, i can move charlie from one room to another. she and i decided on the "fierce" stroller by jeep. it's not pink. it's fierce.

i am completely addicted to my 'seinfeld' box sets. we have made it through seasons 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. we were actually watching season 9 when charlie was born. we've been working our way backwards. i think tomorrow we will pick up seasons 1, 2 and 3 (season 7 cannot be found anywhere...) these are great when feeding your child at 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. trust me - there is nothing on tv at that hour. however, i have noticed that charlie prefers the sound of kramer entering jerry's apartment to her baby mozart dvd...

someone told me that oatmeal increases your milk supply. guess what i had for breakfast this morning...

how many people watch our weather forecast and cry?

i rode two miles on the exercise bike today. i'm not sure this qualifies as a workout, but it felt wonderful. going to target is more of a workout.

we fastened blue bandanas to my crutches. bill equates it to new rims on a car.

breastfeeding is a great way to catch up on your reading or enhance your summer reading. i'm in the middle of james frey's new book, 'bright shiny morning' and highly recommend it. for the record, i still find him to be an incredibly gifted writer - oprah be damned.

i have a tan line from my ace bandage. cute, huh?

i want to change my hair. however, this is difficult since i whacked it all off before charlie was born. now i have to let it grow a bit.

charlie is laughing.

one can accumulate a plethora of junk even when absent from work for 12 + weeks. i returned to my classroom last week to begin the decluttering process, and was amazed to find papers and books and paperclips that i do not recall having had prior to my accident...however, 12 weeks can do a number on one's memory as well as one's leg.

when i look at my sweet girl, i cannot believe she is mine. she is perfect and beautiful and i still cannot fathom that bill and i made her together. the last six weeks have been incredible and wonderful and amazing and miraculous and all together much too fast.

did you know that the first synonym in the thesaurus for 'drama' is 'artificial'? 'nuff said.

i remember running. looking back, i wish i would have enjoyed it more and not thought about it as such a chore. if you are a runner, a walker, a jumper or a crawler and you dread it, think of me and perform it with great zeal.

if i get a cramp in my right leg from now on, will i have it in front of or behind my shin? (or both?)

there is no better sound than that of charlie talking to her butterflies.

and with that...i'm off (as if this missive wasn't indicator enough of that...)

go well.

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