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13 June 2008


once i get pictures uploaded, i will post them.
in the meantime, you can find information on the flood on:


The Gazette

The Des Moines Register (aerial pictures on this site)

if you Google "Cedar Rapids Floods" under 'Images', you'll get an idea of what downtown is like. we're expected to crest at just over 33 feet this afternoon sometime.

we've been glued to the t.v. since yesterday and it makes me feel so incredibly fortunate. i may have a broken leg, but i also have a beautiful baby, a wonderful husband, a loving family and a warm, dry place to sleep.

i'll post what i have later (we couldn't get downtown - they're policing the area very heavily), but i did take some video of our street and of my high school football field.

stay dry, drive safe.

go well.

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