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01 July 2008

a little morning inspiration.

it is a gorgeous day.

i'm sitting here with charlie, sipping my morning coffee and working the muscles in my right leg out so that i can hobble along a bit better. i'm hoping to get out to the porch today, but it may take some tricky maneuvering...

in the meantime.

i am floating around blogs to pass the time, both friends' and strangers', and happened upon this one.

My Morning Walk

such a simple idea, and yet (in my mind) very profound. makes me (almost) wish i lived in portland. i found the pictures to be beautiful and felt the need to share. always happy to promote a fellow blogger.

i've been giving a lot of thought to relationships as of late, and perhaps when charlie drifts off i'll go into more detail.

i hope this finds you all well and enjoying your own morning inspiration - be it a cup of coffee, a picture, a word, a song or just the sound of the sunshine outside your door.

go well.

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