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05 August 2008

this blog brought to you by lululemon athletica.

my leg is strapped in for another ten minutes and so i am hoping to use them well.

a bit of blah.

'do one thing a day that scares you.'

this was included in an ad on the back of the latest issue of yoga journal - a staple periodical in our house. today, it was stepping over a sleeping oz with charlie in tow.

here were some other bits from the ad that made me smile, think, blink, ponder.

'dance, sing, floss and travel.'

i floss daily (i abandoned the habit during my pregnancy due to gum sensitivity, but have picked it up again.) it makes much more sense now that i have quit smoking.

i dance in the kitchen with charlie. it's actually more of a bounce as moving and twirling are still difficult.

i sing daily. often times it is a conversation being had with charlie, but it elicits smiles, so i sing everything from 'just a soggy diaper' to ziggy marley's 'beach in hawaii'.

travel. i need to work on this one.

'breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. living in the moment could be the meaning of life.'

i have found the value of it through my own yoga practice.
i have watched bill creep into charlie's room nightly to place his big hand on her tiny chest and check for breath.
i have held my breath as i take in the nightsky outside our back door.

the moment.
this one is one i ponder much lately - when i look at charlie jo, i remind myself that she will only be this small right now.

'life is full of setback. success is determined by how you handle setbacks.'

and whether or not you choose to look at them as setbacks or rather new avenues in life.

and that's all the time we have for this evening.
this machine is done building up my bones and it is late.
and i am rambling.

go well.

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Anonymous said...

I have chosen a new avenue and am glad you were there along the way!

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