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25 August 2008


i should be in bed, considering i slept through my alarm this morning.
however, i have felt a pull to post.
truthfully, i have little to share.
my days have become consumed with 8th graders.
my nights consumed with bill and charlie, sammy and oz.

a few have complained about my lack of writing.
i offer a meager and half-hearted apology.
finding time to write has become difficult.
routine has become a necessity in my life and i am still trying to figure out how to fit 'me' into that routine.

routine is definitely my new addiction.
that and my coffee.
i thrive on the order i find in my day.
this surprises me just as much as it does many of you.

5:15. rise and shine.
coffee. shower. dressed and pressed.
6:30. good morning charlie jo.
giggles. diapers. ready to go.
6:45. charlie's breakfast. weather.
7:00. bottles. bags. backpacks are loaded.
7:15. kisses to daddy. ready to roll.
7:30. work.
12:45. lunch.
3:30. can't get her fast enough. giggles.
4:00. nap. dishes. laundry. snack. john and kate plus 8.
5:00. exercises with mommy. dancing around the kitchen. dave. bob. amos lee. 'sweet pea'.
6:30. dinner. kisses to daddy.
7:15. bath. new car smell.
7:30. the best part of my day.
rock and rock and rock to sleep.
cuddle bug.
8:00. bedtime for bug-a-boo.

it's quiet now.
what do you say?

there is a surprising amount of comfort to be found in routine.
we do it for charlie.
but i think we get as much if not more out of it than she.
and now.
routine calls.
it's off to bed for me.

hopefully tomorrow i will hear the alarm.

"So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

go well.

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