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11 June 2009

more stitches for my sweet girl.

my sweet girl.Linkmy charlie bug -

as your daddy and i work to prepare for our upcoming honeymoon
i find my mind floating;
do i have enough reading material?
do i have the right knitting needles for the airplane?
did i buy deodorant?
did daddy pay the life insurance?
do i have enough groceries for you?
do i have your duck, your horse, your books, your stoppers, your clothes, your bottles... i have your blanket?
it may have taken me two years to finish
but it was two years of love
two years of 'just right'
two years full of prayer
two years full of hope
two years full of thanks.
this blanket
my first
is stitched with more love
and more life
than anything else i have ever made
or will ever make again.
much like the way you were made.

there are some things i must tell you
before i walk onto that plane.
things i feel you need to know
just in case.
because i have learned
in this life
that the 'just in cases'
can happen.
do happen.
even when you think they won't happen to you.

know that your daddy and i love you more than anything.
we have loved you
since you danced in my belly
and love you more and more
every day
as you dance around our lives.
your smile
your giggle
your tears
your sleeping breaths.
i love you
we love you
more than words.

we have incredible dreams for you
and hope
that as you grow
you will develop and fulfill your own incredible dreams.
take risks.
try new things.
play in the dirt.
help things grow.
help people grow.
be passionate about something.
a cause.
a person.
a job.
find passion in everything you do.
exercise your mind.
exercise your body.
always go the extra step.
push yourself just little bit more.
you are the strongest person i know.
find that.
make mistakes.
know god.
know love.
feed your soul.
but always remember home.
hold tight to those that love you.

i hope
you will always keep your daddy and i close.
when i look at you
as i rock you to sleep
night after night
i am painfully aware that there will come a time
when rocking you will be out of the question
when snuggling with you will be faux pas
when holding you will no longer be an option.
and so i savor these moments with you
and hope that someday
you will understand them
and know that no matter what
you will never be too big to fit inside your daddy's nook
or the folds of my arms.

i have no doubt that something will be forgotten on this upcoming journey
but i didn't want to forget this
and i wanted you to know...

...just to know.
i love you forever and always.
more than words.

go well, sweet girl.
count the stitches until we get home.
we'll see you when we land.

my love
my heart.


tifani elaine said...

That was absolutely beautiful. The love between a mother and a daughter is truly amazing, and you have just described this love so profoundly.

Enjoy your honeymoon!


Shelley said...

Beautiful. Someone pass me the tissues. Have a great time!

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