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25 June 2009

spontaneous scenes from sandy beaches.

each day
bill and i would hash out our highlights
i could never pinpoint just one thing
because it was the culmination of the little things
that made the whole honeymoon
an adventure
a journey
a string of stories
spread out on the sand.

even better;
the stories were snapshots
the endings up to us.

we had an incredible adventure
and enjoyed the days we spent
on the road
getting lost
hunting quiet beaches
and discovering hidden trails.
we climbed mountains.
we rode the waves.
we drank the sunshine.
and got drunk off each other's company.

eight years later,
we finally became

bill loved his first experience with the sea.

and thanks to my titanium rod
thirteen screws
two muscle grafts
an incredible surgical team
and a support system of the most incredible people
i enjoyed two mountains.

no rules.
the sign under his feet read:
'no diving or jumping from pier'.
they used cafeteria trays as boogie boards to ride the surf.
we had nine foot swells on the south shore the first few days.

i would love to know this guy's story.
the one in my head is probably far more interesting which is why i didn't ask.
one crutch.
one surfboard.
a world of possibilities.

i have come to the conclusion that arch supports are a scam.
i get around much better in my flip flops.

the only yarn store on the island of oahu...and i made bill find it.
they were holding hula lessons in the studio next door.

5:00 a.m. footprints. nothing beats the beach in the morning.

these vw vans are everywhere...the reason i can never find one at home.
ron artis was the artist.
i love this bus.

post beach hunt.
sunset had decent snorkeling.
we never did get a parking place at waimei bay.
cliff diving will be in order next time.

they were everywhere...


reality was a million miles away.
but then again,
so was charlie.
coming home to that smile was better
than any beach
than any mountain
than any other adventure that may have awaited us in the tropics.
next time
she will build sand castles with us.

i hope you found your mountain
go well.

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