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05 July 2009

questions for the masses...

why is it the misery makes some happy
and being happy makes some miserable?

why do some glean light of others' darkness
and glean darkness out of others' light?

why do some hunt for comfort outside their home
when their home is full of comfort they cannot seem to see?

why do some wear their hearts on their sleeves
and then claim to be wearing armor?

i've been giving a great deal of thought to all of this
for more reasons than i care to throw in the void.
i would love input.
i would love
like to better understand this
without sacrificing my own
or spirit.

let me know...
go well.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that it is very hard to understand any of these questions on an individual basis unless you have walked in that person's shoes. I think most of these are done as part of a defense system that no one else can ever fully understand. You can only choose to have people in your life, flaws and all, or choose not to have them in your life. It is about what is worth it to you.

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