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27 June 2009

ode to a machine OR the love of a father.

riding on a motorcycle affords you experiences that you could never have in a standard vehicle.
it is a journey for the senses.
it is a journey for the soul.
the asphalt blurring directly below your feet.
the sun coming to rest on your shoulders.
the wind throwing your hair in every direction.
the sensation of drastic temperature change as you roll past a river.
the scent of lilac, fish and even garbage making their way up your nostrils at any given moment and then escaping them in the blink.
the growl of a v-twin as it pounds in your ears and heart.

i will miss that machine.

that beautiful, burnt orange monster made it's way from our home to it's new one in a garage in southern illinois yesterday.
we watched it roll down the road after one final morning ride.

my husband
the father of my baby girl
has sold that beautiful machine that has afforded us many smiles
so that we could afford new smiles with charlie jo this summer.

man of mine -
i love you.
i love that you so very much want to be home with us.
i love that you are eager to finish school and become a teacher.
i love that this decision has allowed you to read more books
elicit more giggles
take more walks
and even change more diapers.
i love that you love all of that.

i will miss the bike.
but i look forward to this road
this journey
this summer
with you
and her
and all the memories we will make in the coming weeks
and years.

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