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22 September 2009

this and other news...

this is, by definition, spontaneous blah. a serious of randomness from the last few days.

so i finally came to terms with the fact that
there may be something

i did the self-diagnosis last night.
i called the doctor today.
the pain in the last two months
has been constant
all over
all consuming at times.

i take a lot of ibuprofen.
a lot.

running has been excruciating.
adjustments only hold for a day.
sleep comes
but is never enough.
so i guess it's time.
more to come on that.
thoughts on chronic pain?

in other news.
my kid is a rock star.
i mean
a serious rock star.
she can sing 'itsy-bitsy spider'
'baby bumblebee'
and jason mraz's 'i'm yours'.
we throw in dave from time to time.

speaking of dave.
3 days.
will i see you there?

i am all about the soybean fields right now.
when i was girl growing up in colorado
i loved to walk through the aspens in the fall
like little gold coins
dangling off the white trunks.
we don't have many aspens
here in iowa
but my
you should see the fields of gold.

bill is taking pictures...have i mentioned that?

reading this.
a happy [day early] birthday
to my baby sister
to my bestest friend
to my road trip buddy
and partner in crime.
love you much.

go well.

1 comment:

Katie Jo said...

Thank you for the birthday wish! I love you!

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