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15 October 2009

all systems go.

as i sit here pondering all the work i should be doing
i was reminded (three time) yesterday
that i have not revisited
the pain i wrote about in a previous post.


i went to the doctor.
i sat with her for an hour.
i walked for her.
i flapped my arms for her.
she poked me.
she whacked my knees with a mallet.
she couldn't find anything wrong.
she sent me to the lab.
they poked me.
they made me pee in a cup.
they took a fair amount of blood from my arm.
they sent me home.

three days later
my results came back:
all systems go.

this is definitely a blessing
given the last two years.
but this blessing comes with a frustration;
what's WRONG with me?
the doctor has recommended more physical therapy
chiropractic care
massage therapy (i can live with this)
NO running (at least not yet)
healthy diet

so i guess i'm going to fine-tune
my daily upkeep.

there you have it.
i'm 'normal'...or at least as normal as i get.

in other news.
there is a 'new do'
but no pictures yet
this is comical considering
the photography studio that has come into existence
in our basement.

past that
life is status quo.

go well.

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