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04 December 2009

sweet girl.

every so often
i have an itch
that has to be scratched.

an itch to write to you
you see

well, tomorrow you'll be a completely different person
doing completely different things
and in another blink
you'll be gone
floating in the wind.

sweet girl of mine
let me tell you a little bit about you
about us
about life as it is right now.

i still look at you and question my life as it was before you came into it.
you are
by far
the sunshine in my life
and i spend my days just waiting to get back to you.
you have taken to standing at the window at daycare and calling for me
(so i'm told)
and while it breaks my heart knowing you can't reach me
it makes me smile knowing you want to.

you have fallen in love with your pappy
my pappy
and i loved watching you follow him all over
during his visit over thanksgiving.
it made me smile from head to toe as you fawned over each other
and broke my heart to know that she
your great-nanny
my nanny
wasn't there to see it all.
she's been sitting on my shoulder quite a bit lately
and i know she's grinning with pride
watching you from above.

you are fast.
your gait winds me and your daddy.
i'm fairly certain we sleep better because of your energy.

you are a lover.
you tell us you love us
you pull us in close for kisses
you squeeze us when we come in for a hug.
it's so much more than the snuggling of your infancy.
it's reciprocated affection
reciprocated love
and i am loving it all
and praying you never grow out of it.

you love your babies
and animals
and have one in tow at all times.
i sometimes hide around the corner and watch you
feed them
push them in the stroller
and rock them to sleep.
you are such a gentle soul.
i see that already.

you sing.
on key.
'row row your boat' is a current favorite
although i am still secretly pushing dave.

you play the piano.
you draw
(for hours)
and your daddy and i are both so hopeful
that that creativity will blossom

we are sesame street freaks.
we watch it in the afternoons
before daddy gets home
(because his tolerance for little red monsters is low)
and we know all the songs
old and new
and we count
and we say the ABC's
and we roll on the floor laughing when super grover crashes.

you love to dance.
you dance even when you walk
shaking your hips back and forth
to some music
that only you can hear.

you are simply amazing.
every day
a little more
than the day before.
i cannot wait
to watch you grow.
just promise me you'll never grow too big
for a squeeze.
sweet girl
you will reach that moon.
i promise.

go well, sweet girl.
i love you more than words.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. I have a beautiful 15 month-old girl and much of what you said rings true with us too. Except my tolerance for little red monsters is starting to fall lower than her daddy's.

Jackie said...

As usual, the beauty of it made me cry. Thanks for reminding me of what is precious.

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