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21 December 2009

a year in snapshots.

i'm not much for writing things down at christmas time.
i could tell you about bill's new job and ventures.
i could talk about my reacquaintance with yoga and new found love of knitting.
i could rave about how incredible my one-year old is; how she is running, talking, learning and teaching us about love.
i could go into detail about our lives
but so much of it is already here
buried in the words
so instead i will show you.
i will show you how we have moved through life in the last year
i will share with you so many
but not nearly all
of the smiles we have had.
we have celebrated so many firsts this year
and it struck me that you only get one shot at the firsts.
i acknowledge that there will come a day
when we will celebrate the 'lasts' in life
but until then...
we continue to be blessed
and thankful
and look forward to all that lies ahead.

happy christmas.
go well.

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Anonymous said...

Also that we would do without your excellent phrase

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