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05 January 2010

in the new year: skein three.

we are no longer approaching the new year
so i decided it best to change my heading

it took me 26 years to figure out how to be healthy
(with the exception of that nicotine addiction)
both of those seemingly came to an end when i got pregnant.
the nicotine thing was a no-brainer;
i fear i would have gotten some nasty looks if i was still purchasing my marlboros at 7 months pregnant.
the healthy thing
it was trickier.

i tried
i tried really
i was 'healthiest' in my second trimester
walking three miles a day
eating lots of great foods
and yet gaining bunches
(let's not recall the instance in which the doctor told me i was gaining weight too quickly...
it resulted in a nervous breakdown
and impulsive crib purchase).

i digress.

after charlie, i spent a lot of time
and taking pain killers
both of which prove to be excellent aids
when attempting to lose the 'baby weight'.

fast forward to now;
post-hawaii (thus, post-motivation)
post-lots of ice cream
post-lack of effort


these jeans fit last year.
what the hell?

time to find that girl i was before baby girl changed my world
and my body.
so here it is
quite possibly the biggest ball of yarn i have in my bag to tackle...
the big ones always take the longest.

go well.

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