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31 December 2009

approaching the new year: skein two.

i recently posed the question on facebook
'what is your mantra for the coming year?'
i got a variety of responses
from serious to sarcastic
but the one that struck a chord with me was the one that stated
'less excess'.

ain't it the truth?

i do not consider myself to be high maintenance;
i am content with my yarn
my yoga
my family
my literature
it doesn't take much to make me smile.

and yet
even i find i have excess in my life and that this excess takes it's toll on me

for example.
when i go to the grocery store
i always manage to leave with twice what i set out to purchase.
this excess takes it's toll on me physically
(did i really need that bag of M&Ms?)
and financially
(surely that total can't be right...can it?)

and then
what ends up happening
is at the end of the year
the beginning of the next
i'm left with all this shit that i have to find places for
physically (no room in the jeans)
financially (nothing left in the account)
spiritually (drained)

eventually it all winds up in a closet
or on a desk
or atop my kitchen counters

this year
i'm ready to change the cycle.
i'm ready to rid myself of the excess
and in turn
rather than take.

i hope that in the end
i find myself lighter
in more ways than one.

what's your mantra for the new decade?
go well.

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