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26 March 2010

sunshine makes me feel...

sometimes i really very much want to write
and i really very much can't think
of a damned thing to talk about.

so sometimes i like to do what we make the kids do:
write about a journal topic

this one i liked.

sunshine makes me feel...

sunshine makes me feel like a child.
sunshine makes me long for air
and quiet breezes
and green grass
and long runs
and giggles.

sunshine makes me feel peaceful.
i have spent hours upon hours
and days upon days
perched on decks
with a book
and the sunshine
listening to the birds
letting the wind
the breeze
slide its fingertips over my face
and tussle my hair.

sunshine makes me feel maternal
in the weeks following our accident
and before my sweet girl arrived
my mom
my dad
would wheel me onto their deck
while they tended the pasture
and i would sit with the mutts
lift up my shirt
and expose my swollen belly to the rays
and read to my best good girl.

she loves to be outside even now.

sunshine makes me feel healthy.
the rays pierce my skin
leaving it to prickle and dance
and sending the cells in motion
sending me in motion
i yearn to move forward
and up
and down
and further
and further.
it pulls up the vegetables
it ripens the fruit
it awakens this vessel.

sunshine makes me feel productive.
as the light lifts the earth
it pulls me out
and pushes my hands in the dirt
and the sweat pours from my hair
down my eyes
and into the ground
and from it
come blooms.

sunshine makes me feel alive.
it wipes away the dead of winter
and reveals those
who have been holed up for months.
reveals green
reveals buds
reveals new life
reveals revitalized life.

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