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01 April 2010

edible post.

i'm obsessed with food.
at any given time
i have multiple obsessions;
photo albums
and food.
these are the things that occupy my mind
at any given moment of the day.

as spring dawns and summer approaches
i find myself frothing
to get to the 'good stuff'
and ultimately to grow it myself.
but more than that, 
i have become so incredibly aware
of food
where it comes from
what's in it
and how it affects my body
my husband's body
my child's body.
(re: food inc. here  -- scary wonderful).

needless to say
our diets have changed drastically
since the days of yore.
gone are the totino's party pizzas from our freezer
replaced by free-range chicken
and organic peas.
no more hamburger helper in the pantry
it has been taken over by dried herbs
oats and granola.

this will not be my child:

so we eat well.
we make sure there's lots of color to our meals.
and yesterday
i watched my little girl
plant her first green beans.

i can't wait to watch them
and her

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