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17 April 2010

lessons i have learned this week...

  • when a child nears the age of two, high chair covers no longer serve a purpose.  life is much easier when you strip them off and leave the chair to its natural, naked, plastic state of existence.
  • one should never check his or her work e-mail before bed.  insomnia tends to follow.
  • one should never check his or her work e-mail following an outstanding evening of yoga.  it's amazing how quickly your body binds itself right back up. 
  • the trail outside my house has apparently gotten steeper OR my kid weighs a hundred pounds more than last fall because pushing the jogging stroller up to the park just got a lot harder.
  • i actually like having plants in my house.
  • my husband and i make a damn fine team.  i'm pretty sure we're the couple to beat.  we rock.
  • when you give your toddler a cookie for the car ride home, make sure the temperature in the car is less than 80* and the cookie is not covered in milk chocolate.
  • always keep crayons and paper on hand.  pen does not come out of yellow leggings without a fight.
  • i like that curious little monkey and watching little eyes light up when she sees him.
  • i miss having an 'established' yard.
  • i miss trees.  and honeysuckle and milkweed and all the other summer plants i tended year after year.
  • i have officially ruined the one pair of jeans that i loved and i just can't make anything else work like those.
  • i love to knit, but i have a need to crochet.
  • green beans cannot be replanted once little hands pluck the seedlings.
  • there is never enough time in my days for all there is i want to do.
what lessons did you learn this week?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've learned that you NEVER stop being a mother, and when someone hurts your children, it breaks your heart!

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