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01 November 2010

many thanks.

while scanning facebook
i noticed that several of my contacts
had began to use their status update
as a place in which to post those things
for which they were thankful for
as a means of
'counting down'
to thanksgiving.

and i thought
what a good idea.

but rather than use my status updates
i decided to share with the world
(or whomever ventures here)
via my little corner in the wires.

i am thankful for...

snooze buttons
maple almond butter and pumpkin spice soy my oats
giggles that seem to come from the tips of your hair straight out through your toes
sesame the grocery store
the sweaty guy in my basement who makes me laugh even when i want to quit
the same guy (less sweaty) who spends the night on a floor so i can sleep in a bed
piles of leaves.

go well.

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