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27 October 2010

number 25 results in numbers 2, 21 and 24.

life keeps reminding me of these.
this one has been especially noticeable as of late:

25. i am easily prone to distraction, procrastination and overstimulation.

recently, a string of choices has left me with
little to no time for myself.
my choices.
choices like working out into bedtime
and spending waking hours playing with my girl
and taking weekend trips
or making weekend plans.

some of these have been necessary...
some less necessary.
regardless of the necessity
it has left me searching for

2. create moments of connection within yourself

while loading groceries into the car
during the 90 second drive from daycare to school
and moments like these
in my darkened classroom.

this is not nearly enough time for a girl
who suffers
from number 25.

in fact
it typically leads to a lack of

21. it is essential to find something positive in each person you encounter 


24. i am a better version of myself when i get to be alone with myself for awhile.

last night in yoga
our intention for the evening
was goals.

my teacher intended for this to be a time
for us to set yogic goals for ourselves;
a pose we have yet to master
(crane, king pigeon, independent handstands)
or something else related to yoga
(practicing without pain)

and while i do have one many poses
i want very desperately to master
my 'goal'
went beyond asanas.

my goal
is to be
a better yogi
my goal
is to radiate
optimism and positivity
my goal
is to live a life
by example
and radiate
and openness.

but number 25 results in a lack of numbers 2, 21 and 24.

i guess i have to start small
and say
that my goal
is to eliminate
the distraction
the procrastination
and the overstimulation
that come with
number 25
so that i can practice
number 2
number 21
number 24.

and then
maybe i'll float into bakasana
and ultimately

go well.

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