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11 November 2010

oh dear...and thanks.

it is november 11th.
i am behind.

on tuesday, i was thankful for...

my girl.
her smile.
the way she makes my life so much better.
and yoga.
and handstands.
and 'sons of anarchy'.

on wednesday, i was thankful for...

my husband
who woke me up
from sleeping
on my girl's floor
so that i could run.
for 5:00 a.m. runs.
for sleep masks.

i am thankful for
and dalton
who are no longer
the little kids
i remember
but instead
adults who i can poke fun at
and loving uncles and an aunt.
happy birthday.

and for our veterans
who never get enough credit
and deserve more than one day
of recognition.

and three day weekends.

go well.

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