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07 January 2011

the year of asanas: grudgemasterasana.

my previous asanas have been, for the most part, things i need to improve on in this new year.
but this one is going to be the hardest pose to master 
because it requires using muscles i haven't used in a very very long time.

the forgiveness pose or grudgemasterasana.

one of my biggest, self-admitted faults is that i am a true master of holding grudges.
it matters not who has wronged me;
i hold on to the strands of resentment
that comes with having been done wrong
i hold onto those strands until they are threadbare
and then i take what is left and shove them in my pocket.

this has introduced a lot of negative energy into my world over the years
has caused me to say things and do things 
that completely go against all that i believe and believe should be
and only leaves me feeling tangled

this is going to be an asana years in the making.

but i recognize that it is something i need to work on
to get better at
because forgiveness is the ultimate
and i have 
(on more than one occasion)
sought it out for myself. 

i cannot expect to be forgiven for my misgivings and faults
if i do not grant that same grace to others.

"The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." ~ Gandhi

go well.

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