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13 November 2011

24 weeks...i think.

i feel very guilty
that i have done such a piss poor job
of documenting
baby girl's journey
and hope to make up for it.

this pregnancy seems to be going so much more quickly
than it did with my bug;
maybe it's the business of the season
or just the three-year old distraction i come home to every night
but whatever the case
it is moving quickly
and a wee bit of anxiousness has started to set in
knowing that when the holidays are behind us
we will only have about two months
to be a trio.

current gestation: 24 weeks (well...23 weeks and about 5 days).
weight gain to date: um...too much according to my doctor at our last appointment.  the lack of physical activity in recent weeks and reintroduction of meat has apparently done more 'harm' than i realized.  i've gained about 20 pounds to date, and while that may not seem like much, they recommend only 14-16 at this point in the pregnancy.  so, i threw out the halloween candy and am saving up my guilty pleasures for the holiday baking season.  several people were appalled that my doctor would even say anything about an extra five pounds, but in a way i'm glad she did.  it has helped me to be more mindful of what i am (and am not) putting into my body and ultimately, feeding baby girl.  she also reminded me that physical activity is crucial (something i've always known).  my energy level is so low, though, that the idea of going to the grocery store is exhausting!
complaints: nothing major, just little gripes.  things like pubescent acne, heartburn and more recently, sciatica (oh, the joy!)  however, it could be so much worse.  i can manage the little things.  it's just going to take a lot of zantac and concealer!
non-complaints: the kicking has started and is strong!  i had forgotten how much i enjoy the pitter pat of little feet at the base of my belly. 
activities: one of these days i'll crawl back onto the treadmill.  for now, i'm finding more joy in spending my evenings curled on the couch in front of the fireplace with my hooks and yarn.  that and gearing up for the holidays with our bug.
cravings: on the threshold of the third trimester, i'm beginning to feel a bit more first trimester-ish and nothing sounds good, with the exception of tomato bisque soup more recently.  so that's what i'm eating...a lot of soup and tea.  i suppose that will help with the weight gain issue!

and did i mention...
a girl?!?

pitter pats.

it has been fun thinking about how this sweet girl
is so different than her big sister was at this stage
and i wonder how it will effect her personality
in the long run.

for example
charlie would pound out the rhythm to music
in my belly
and to this day
loves to make music
play the piano
create drumsets
anything that beats out a rhythm.

this baby girl is more quiet
and prefers to dance around
while i sit quietly on the couch
stitching away with my mounds of yarn.

time will tell
but for now
i enjoy the quiet company.

go well.

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