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12 October 2011


i realized
that i had not done much
in the way of blogging
throughout this journey.

i went back in time
to see when i had started musing
on my journey
with my best good girl
and came across my 18-week post
which was full of cynicism
and irritation.

at nearly 19 weeks into this new journey
i find i am not nearly as cynical this time around
or as negative
or as frustrated with the whole process
of growing a baby.

maybe it's the years of yoga
that have filled my cup for the last three years
or the steel beam that may have nearly taken my leg
but gave me a lifetime's worth of gratefulness
or maybe it's just because this time
i have learned and know and am journeying down a path
i have hiked in my past.

i am glad
that i can approach this new journey
with more smiles and sighs and shrugs
than not.

that said.

at 19 weeks
i am round
and growing still.

i very much feel pregnant all over
or at least look like i am pregnant all over;
despite how large i feel
i also feel great
i feel steady
i feel 'normal' (most days)
which has made it much easier to do things like
go for walks
and hikes
color pictures on the floor
and carry one sleepy little girl back to bed.

current gestation: 19 weeks.
weight gain to date: i'm not keeping track this time.  they weigh me at the doctor and i try not to look.  i have learned so much about how to take care of my body since my bug was born and i just continue to try and implement those practices into my pregnant life.  i don't exercise as much as i did with my last pregnancy (or as much as i want to), but i am definitely not NOT active.  i find with a toddler running around this time, i get plenty of activity in every day!
complaints: only recently i have begun to experience round-ligament pain.  it hurts, but i'm taking it as a good sign that things are growing just as they should.
non-complaints: as i was with bug, i am blessed with great pregnancies.  i'm trying to keep that in the forefront of my mind this time around. 
activities: roaming the hallways of a middle school in heels day to day, managing a three-year old at the grocery store, laundry, dishes, running the vacuum and trying to get in some yarn time now and again!  i am hoping to move the treadmill from the office to the living room in the basement so that i can get back into the swing of walking daily again.  trying to walk at 9:00 at night is not going to happen at this stage of the pregnancy, but if i could walk at 5:00 while my sweet girl unwinds from her day, it might just be doable.  i've also been trying to sneak in some yoga when i can.  it's not always easy and i am desperately missing my yoga kula.
cravings: mostly sweets.  having a birthday last weekend didn't help...i have managed to consume most of the leftover birthday cake on my own.  i've been drinking a lot of chocolate almond milk and eating a lot of oatmeal...occasionally sprinkled with chocolate chips.  however, i have also been eating tons of carrots and recently had a hankering for vegetable soup.  nothing doesn't not sound good, so i'm able to eat like a regular person again.  i still haven't converted back to my vegetarian ways, but i'm not discounting the idea after the baby comes.

i'm starting to feel the bean moving more and more now
and we are very excited to find out if it is a girl
or boy bean
in the next couple of weeks
get your bets in now
and stay tuned.

 go well.

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