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04 January 2012

31 weeks...apparently.

i had a doctor's appointment last week.
after listening to bean's heartbeat
the doctor
(not my normal doctor)
took a measurement of my abdomen
(something i hadn't had done)
and reported
'yep, you're right at 30 weeks.'

as in 3-0?
not 28 or 29?

officially set in.

and while a week (or two) may not seem like a big deal
it had
and has
completely rethinking everything about work
the nursery
the cleanliness of our home
baby clothes

the nesting
has officially begun.

so with that...

current gestation: 31 weeks.
weight gain to date: surprisingly, i'm right at 31 pounds.  surprising given the amount of food consumed at funerals pre-holiday and goodies consumed during the holidays.  we have since gone into holiday detox at our house which has included a lot of vegetables, fruit and lean protein.  and truthfully, we all feel better for it.  there is nothing like the pride i feel from hearing my sweet girl request bananas for a snack and carrots and hummus for lunch.  meatless meals are slowly reentering our world along with sugar free snacking.  even in my additional 31 pounds, i feel less sluggish.
complaints: i miss bending over (comfortably).  i miss giving my girl piggy back rides.  i miss yoga (back bends, in particular).  i have officially popped to the point of discomfort in what used to be normal, everyday actions.  i am also missing my energy and my drive.  i have very much wanted to run for the last couple of weeks, but the thought of it alone wears me out.  i'm ready to reclaim my body and meet my bean.
non-complaints: the daily jazzercise going on inside my abdomen.  i love love love feeling our girl rolling around and doing handstands on my pelvis.  it is, by far (and as i've mentioned before) my favorite part of being pregnant.  
activities: i'm making a lot of afghans these days...therefore my fingers are getting a great workout...
cravings: none.  just normal, regular food.  i find i am eating smaller meals more often, as baby girl is slowly taking over cavity within and beneath my rib cage, but the food itself has been healthy, something i think both bean and i have been missing over the last month.

another lame attempt at a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror at 30 weeks.  hoping for some fun maternity pictures soon...
go well.

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