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19 January 2012

33 weeks and coming to terms.

i had this epiphany the other day
one that kind of rushed in
and knocked me on my ass
following which i quickly got up
and started making a hundred different lists.

i'm pregnant.

and not only am i pregnant
but little bit is going to be here
quite possibly
in the next 6-8 weeks.

and not only did that get me thinking
about all of the things still left undone
like a lack of clothes in drawers
and misplaced baby furniture
and missing bottles and car seats

but it also turned my mind on to the idea
that we are not to be a trio for very much longer.
very soon
we will be four.

and it has me thinking about all of the opportunities
i need to grab a hold of now
while we are still just three...

but more to come on that.

current gestation: 33 weeks and about a day.
weight gain to date: as of this morning, 32 pounds.  i have rediscovered some form of pre-pregnancy energy and have rekindled my romance with my treadmill.  i'm averaging anywhere between a mile and a half to two miles at a time.  bug has taken up the task of walking/running with me which drives me even more.  i also think that the appearance of snow and necessity to shovel has assisted my workout regimen.  my 'success' story came the other day when a student asked me, 'you know how some women get fat when they get pregnant?'...(pause.) me: 'yes...'  student: 'how come you didn't?'  bless you child.
complaints: i'm not going to lie...there are a few.  my abdomen muscles have completely been replaced by infant toosh which means rolling over in bed and getting up off the couch are feats in themselves.  i am missing my pre-pregnant body; my pre-pregnant clothes; my pre-pregnant yoga; my pre-pregnant coffee; my pre-pregnant energy levels.  i am truly at a point where i'm ready to be done.  and yes, i know it will all be worth it.  and yes, i will miss the internal flutters.  but i won't miss the enormity of it. as i said when i was pregnant with bug; i don't get pregnant because i love being pregnant.  i get pregnant because i love being 'mama'.  i'm ready for sprout to arrive so we can get to know her and her us.  i'm ready for sprout to arrive so i can return to rocking both her and my bug.  i'm ready for sprout to arrive so i can sleep on my back again.  i'm ready to meet our girl.  i'm ready to hold her and breathe her in.
non-complaints: the sudden burst of energy that came from nowhere has been welcome.  i have desperately missed my treadmill and am glad to have found it again.  i have also missed having the energy to come home and play outside with my bug, so having the boost to pack it up and head outside for an afternoon of snow fun has been great for the both of us.  oz has also benefitted from my new found energy and has enjoyed several lengthy walks and some much needed fresh air.  i only wish it were still light when my guy got home so we could all enjoy it together.  all in good time.
activities: as mentioned, much time on the treadmill.  dancing in the basement with bug while daddy plays the drums.  sidewalk chalk when the weather is warm.  shoveling and snow angels when temperatures dip back down.  walks on the trail with my active girl and enthusiastic mutt.  late night crocheting accompanied by reruns of 'big bang theory'.
cravings: diet root beer.  that and i'm back to being hungry all of the time.  perhaps we are on the verge of another growth spurt.  at least its good food; the new year brought with it better eating habits (and thus, better food on hand in our home) so that when i do eat, it's not the sugar cookies of christmas past.    i still manage to sneak a few M&Ms from my mother's desk drawer, though...

thanks to my guy for being an amazing photographer.

all photos courtesy of my guy.

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