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28 February 2012

from bean to sprout.

as i snapped a picture this morning
to document what week 39 looks like
i thought it might be fun
to take a look back at the course of the last
270-ish days.

without realizing week into the journey.

7-ish weeks.

12-ish weeks.
15-ish weeks.
18-ish weeks.
20-ish weeks.

31 weeks.
34 weeks.
today.  not my most flattering, but very representative of where i am at at 39 weeks.

it truly is amazing to see
how my body has morphed
even in just the last eight weeks.
and even more laughable
to remember how frustrated i was
snapping that first picture of myself
at seven weeks
and thinking how i was already 'showing'.
oh to have that seven week body back again...

she is definitely growing
and changing
and moving
i hope
ready to come out and meet us face to face.
we have spent a lot of time walking
and dancing
and cleaning bathrooms in recent days
and i have given up on being sensible
and given into my flip-flops
(proving once and for all that you can wear flip-flops
in february
in iowa).

come out, come out
sweet sprout...

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