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04 January 2013

new year.

i sat down and made a list this morning.
i am all about lists.
i am not all about resolutions.
but every year
january first causes me to pause
and ponder
what it is i hope to accomplish
in the coming year.
as i sat down with my fresh notebook
(i am all about fresh notebooks)
and began pinning my list
i observed a pattern forming on the page.
and it got me thinking...
what is it
that i have allowed to get in my way
of doing 'more'?

i want to write blog, to compose, to pen...
i want to pray more
i want to practice an Ayurvedic and yogic lifestyle daily
i want to walk more
i want to play more
i want to make it a point and sit down with my yarn daily
i want to run more
i want to give more...myself, my time, my service...

somehow i let myself get in the way
of accomplishing these things
within the last year
but as i put them down
and sprinkle them across the new calendar
i am hopeful
that i can get out of my own way
in order to achieve each of these desires.

go well.

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